Young Adult Urban Fantasy

billy-blacksmith-mediumBilly has spent his whole life keeping his head down in school and trying to survive the endless parade of foster homes. When a three hundred pound spider emerges from under his bed intent on drinking his blood, Billy discovers he is the main player in an ancient war between demons and humans. With his best friends Ash-lea and Greyson, and a reformed demon as his ally, Billy prepares to face an invasion of demonic spiders and the General that leads them.


The forces raging against the Earthly Realm are not letting up, so Billy has to get his crap together.

Coming 2017


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Techno-Thriller Dystopia

3With the death of Kingdom City’s chief of police in a terrorist attack, Autumn Stevens lost the only man who could save her from herself. Still paralyzed by grief after six months, the last thing she expected was his return—along with three thousand of his fallen comrades.






4Paul Stevens has survived a terrorist attack, medical experimentation, and an attempt by the government to “neutralize” their rogue subjects. However, his escape cost him his wife, and now he battles to overthrow Brian Shuman, the dictator responsible for her death. With the kidnapping of his daughter and the disappearance of his son, he must choose between saving what may remain of his family or the fledgling rebellion on the verge of collapse.



Short Stories


Fairykin: In a world where nature has ceased to exist, a tribe of fairies on the brink of extinction must fight for survival itself.







6 Kissed a Snake: Abandoned as a child, Jason only wants to understand his father’s reasons–and to kill him for it. However, learning the truth leads to anything but satisfaction.







Latest news
  • Not many authors choose, or are capable of writing a novel based around such a resilient, tough as nails female lead. The bold protagonist is intelligent, strong and beautifully flawed.... - Patricia Porter5 stars
  • This book is raw emotion minus the gooey stuff. Autumn is a fighter and she is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her family and rectify her past.... - Victoria Elliott 5 stars
  • Each scene plays out like a movie in your head. I couldn’t change the page fast enough. Not sloppy or soupy, just an enjoyable read that leaves you wanting more.... - David Stevens5 stars