On Magic and the Mundane

I was recently asked a very interesting question by one of Billy’s fans: What is the difference between science and magic? Below is my attempt to answer that question to the best of my understanding. Also, Mia, you’re the best.
I believe as we progress in scientific knowledge the difference between magical powers and scientific powers will become apparently smaller. I touch on the concept of ‘magical science’ in Billy Blacksmith. There is a certain method to producing the results we commonly call magic. This process connects to the basal forces of the natural universe that we do not understand yet. The deliberate manipulation of the universe by processes we do not fully comprehend, is Magical Science.
There are obvious scientific processes that result in super human abilities, such as Dr. Banner’s exposure to Gamma radiation resulting in the formation of The Incredible Hulk. However, the connection between his rage and the increase in his strength is less obvious to the science we currently know. Is it psychological? In which case, is there more that we are capable of psychologically that we are not aware of? I believe so.
The deliberate manipulation of the universe by processes we do not fully comprehend, is Magical Science.
In Billy Blacksmith, the demons can move between the Earthly Realm and Demonic Realm by means of creating a portal. Human science understands this is a kind of wormhole—which is manipulation of space by such intense gravity as to warp time and space between two apparently different places. Yet the process by which a demon can manipulate time and space by simply moving their hands with the intention to rip space open, is something few understand. Even the demons performing the act of opening a portal do not fully understand what is happening on an elemental level.
To answer your question regarding the difference between magical powers and science based powers, in my opinion, is nothing. The disparity is our understanding of the forces that are being manipulated. If we understand, it’s considered science. If we don’t, we have no other choice but to call it magic.
I hope this has answered your question.
Sincerely, Ben.

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