Hellforged Is Coming

I’ll say it again before time runs out: Hellforged is coming.
Demonslayer was so much fun because I got to introduce you to Billy and his world as it slowly becomes infested with the demonic. Hellforged is such a trip for me because I reveal more of the Billyverse and unleash a bit of the world that has been overwhelming me for the last five years. Billy’s got power now, and he can out-run some pretty fast demons. But he’s not prepared for the real threats that are itching to bust into our realm and kick some human patookus–and he knows it. He’s out-gunned and he’s overwhelmed. Especially because he is strengthening his demonblood abilities, but he’s watching Ash-Lea and Greyson fall behind with no way to defend themselves. So he has to figure out how to keep the universe safe, but most of all, keep the people he loves out of trouble. And that’s just the physical threats looming over him. Mr. Fingers–a mind manipulating demon–has been hired to take-out Billy, or to force Billy to take-out himself. But when you’re the single biggest hitch to the demon’s plans of conquering reality, things are not going to be easy.

He’s out-gunned and he’s overwhelmed . . . watching Ash-Lea and Greyson fall behind with no way to defend themselves.

Billy is off at the beta readers and i’ve already had some fantastic feedback. It’s been better than I could have hoped. One of my beta readers said the book kept him up because he was too busy speculating about where the story could be headed. I’m just glad Billy is finally keeping someone else awake at night, too.

Release is still to be decided, but it’s soon.

Please join us on this journey. It’s so much fun, it’s not going to be easy, and I can’t promise that it won’t hurt. But in the end, I promise, the good guys will (mostly) win.

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Oh, and here is the final cover:

Billy Blacksmith: The Hellforged

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